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Preferably, we like you to contact us by email.

For general questions about the museum, please email the office address below.


Booking of simulators:

Preferably use our ONLINE BOOKING HERE: >>>

The dates you book must be during the museum's regular opening hours Sundays 11-16.


You can also book by email:

When booking by e-mail, you can also choose other days than Sundays. However, at a higher cost as we have to engage staff.

Write in the email which simulator you want to book, the desired date and time and your contact details (name and phone number). We will then contact you for more details.




Hässlögatan 16
SE-721 31 Västerås



Museum entrance
+46 21 495 06 40


Booking of simulators /

Guided tours

+46 21 495 06 40

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