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During the summer period we have a limited number of instructors, but we always have at least one instructor on Sundays. On Sundays where we only have one instructor, our online booking is closed. Other Sundays are open for online booking.

Preferably use our Online booking. 

Link to the online booking can be found a little further down this page. 

Before and after flight, the controls in the simulators are thoroughly cleaned.


The museum has six simulators:
- J 35J The dragon from the Air Force (minimum age to fly: 12 years)

- JAS 39 Gripen, which is also adapted for disabled guests. (minimum age to fly: 12 years)

- Convair CV440 Metropolitan from SAS (minimum age to fly: 12 years)

- McDonnell Douglas DC-10 from Scanair (minimum age to fly: 12 years)

- Airbus A320 (minimum age to fly: 15 years)

- Link trainer - a classic from the 1920s (Minimum age to fly: 12 years)


The simulators are primarily intended to give those who have no previous experience as pilots a realistic experience of what it is like to hoist a famous aircraft and to show how the work in the cockpit goes.


Payment methods and booking


Payment is made by cash or credit card at the entrance. You then receive a voucher that is handed to the simulator instructor before the flight. For larger groups who book simulator flights in advance it is also possible to arrange payment by invoice. When booking, please indicate which payment method is preferred.


We prefer that you book a simulator pass well in advance if you know you want to fly.

There are only a limited number of slots available for "drop-in" flights.



After 6 p.m. on Fridays we close the reservation for Saturdays / Sundays.
This applies to ALL bookings, telephone, mail or online booking.
But it usually is not a problem to get a drop-in time if you come on a Sunday without pre-booking.


Prices can be found here >>>


Preferably use our Online booking here: >>>

Here you can choose the type of simulator, date and time yourself.

NOTE! The time you book must be during the museum's regular opening hours Sundays 11-16.
Make sure you are in the museum 15 minutes BEFORE the time for your booked flight slot.
If you book a time on a Saturday or Sunday, it must be before noon. 6 pm on Friday.
After 6 p.m. on Fridays we close the reservation for the weekend.

If you have made a reservation and are prevented from attending, do not forget to cancel your time.
You can do this free of charge at least one day before your booked time.

If you are unsure about booking, you can usually get a drop-in time during the regular Sunday opening when you arrive.

Ask at reception immediately when you arrive.

You can also book by email:
Please state:
Date (Sundays) and time when you want to come, name, address, telephone number and which simulator you want to book, and make the booking before 6 p.m. on the Friday before the current weekend.

Special bookings on days other than Sundays

You can also do special bookings other days than Sundays (eg company visits and other groups) but then additional costs are added for opening the museum and guides / simulator instructors. Simulator prices are also higher during these times.
We are happy to submit quotations for such bookings that can be invoiced if you require.


Link trainer

Our Link trainer is a little special simulator that also requires knowledgeable instructors. 

The Link Trainer can not be booked as our other simulators, it is usually displayed as a static simulator for interested visitors.

Buy a gift voucher for our flight simulators.
It is guaranteed to be an appreciated birthday present or a happy surprise.
Price SEK 550 which includes admission to the museum + 30 minutes flight in one of the following simulators:

J 35 Draken, JAS 39 Gripen, DC-10 or Metropolitan.

Gift voucher for the A320 simulator costs SEK 1350 which includes admission to the museum + 60 minutes flight.


The gift vouchers is normally sold in the museum's entrance shop on Sundays between 11-16.

Presentkort för simulatorflygning inkl. entré till museet.

The gift voucher is valid for use during our regular opening hours on Sundays between 11-16. E-mail us and book the desired time for your simulator flight for the Sunday you decide to come. The easiest way to book is to make your reservation online as above. Then you are sure to get the time you want. Remember to make the booking before 6 p.m. before the current weekend.
Your gift voucher must be used within one year from the date of purchase.

When you redeem your voucher at the Museum, you can buy extra simulator half-hours if you wish.

You can also order gift voucher by email:

Payment can be made by invoice (SEK 50 in invoicing fee applies).

If you pay directly to our bank giro: 285-8561 there is no extra charge.

Mail order must contain: Number of gift vouchers, value of voucher, SEK 550 or SEK 1350 (see above), name, address / invoice address.


Keep an eye on the online booking page which shows which Sundays are bookable.

Training of instructors is currently underway on our A320 simulator.

Bookable slots on Sundays will increase as more instructors are certified.

The minimum flight slot in the A320 simulator is 60 minutes. Minimum age to fly: 15 years.

NOTE! If you book through the online booking, you mark two 30-minute slots.

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