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Västerås Aviation Museum, the CVV-hangar

About us

Västerås Aviation Museum opened in 1999. The fantastic hangar in which the museum is located was built in the 1930s on behalf of the Swedish Air Force. The incredible wooden construction makes it a museum in itself.

The collections currently comprise more than 25 aircraft. These are mostly in flying condition. 


The museum also has a variety of aircraft engines, both piston and jet engines as well as peripherals such as instruments and radios. On-screen exhibitions can be viewed about the history of the CVV hangar and the aircraft fleet.

Also an interesting exhibition about all American bombers stationed at Hässlö during the war years 1943-45 "When the war parked at Hässlö".

The museum also has a cool Simulator section that caters primarily to the public. We currently have the following simulators:

- SAAB J 35 Draken

- SAAB JAS 39 Gripen

- Convair CV440 Metropolitan

- McDonnell Douglas DC-10

- Airbus A320

- as well as a fully functional Linktrainer.

In the museum entrance there is a shop with a lot of interest for aviation enthusiasts.

Books, models, caps, T-shirts etc. Here you can also sit down and have a cup of coffee or an ice cream.


More history about the Museum here >>>

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