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Volunteers needed


The Museum is run exclusively by non-profit work. About 90 volunteers contribute with widely varied skills to keep the museum's aircraft and simulators in good condition, take good care of paying visitors and run the entrance shop.

Today there are about 25 aircraft in the hangar and we have 6 simulators in operation.


Reception & Shop

We are looking for you who want to join a live museum and can work in our reception and shop. The work involves taking care of museum visitors, selling models, books and coffee. The reception / shop is staffed on Sundays and with larger guided tours.

NOTE! You will not receive any salary from the Museum, all of us who work here do so on an entirely voluntary basis.

Skills / Qualifications:

  • Social

  • Engaged

You are welcome to send an email to:
then we will contact you.

Västerås Flygmuseum, guide vid J 35 Draken

We are looking for those who enjoy aircraft, old and new. Here you will have the opportunity to move among a unique collection of aircraft, many with an interesting history. You have a genuine interest for aviation. We host groups between 2-50 people. Often in combination with simulator flying.

Skills / Qualifications:

  • Interest in aircraft

  • Social and committed

Before receiving groups, you should read about our aircraft in the museum. We have binders with good information about each aircraft and its history. Guiding is a fun job!

You are welcome to send an email to:


Simulator instructor

We are looking for people who enjoy real flying or at home flying a simulator but want to take a step closer to reality. As an instructor, you receive customers who have booked one of our simulators. You go through the instruments and controls that the customer will use during the flight, as well as instruct and guide the customer through the flight. You should have some computer skills, and it helps if you have some knowledge of what happens during a flight. Otherwise, we will teach you.

Skills / Qualifications:​

  • Interest in simulators

  • Social and committed

You are welcome to send an email to:
then w'll be in touch.

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