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Museet har sex simulatorer:
- J 35J Draken från Flygvapnet (J 35:an är för tillfället stängd för översyn)

- JAS 39 Gripen (som även är anpassad för rörelsehindrade gäster)

- Convair 440 Metropolitan från SAS

- McDonnell Douglas DC-10 från Scanair

- Airbus A320 (Håll koll på onlinebokningen vilka söndagar som är bokbara)

- Link-trainer - en klassiker från 1920-talet


Simulatorerna är i första hand avsedda att ge dem som inte har någon tidigare erfarenhet som piloter en realistisk upplevelse av hur det är att spaka ett berömt flygplan och att visa hur arbetet i cockpit går till.


Västerås-företaget TV021 har sammanställt denna lilla film från vår simulatoravdelning:

Member Flights

Västerås Aviation Museum


As a member of the Museum you have the opportunity to experience flight history for real through shorter or longer flights in our veteran aircraft.

If you are not already a member of the museum, you can easily become one before a flight.


This is how it works:
  1. Check out our available aircraft and choose the machine you want to experience in the air. Some aircraft have space for one passenger, some have multiple seats, also take into account any weight restrictions.

  2. Send an email with a request and your contact information to the respective aircraft's email address and we will contact you to determine the time and place.

  3. Get a security briefing before your flight.

  4. Fly and Enjoy!

Keep the following in mind:

  • Membership in Västerås Aviation Museum is required. Support membership can easily be fixed when the registration form is filled in before flight. This is at the same time our follow-up of number of pax on board the aircraft.

  • The aircraft, of course, meets all safety requirements imposed on today's General Aviation (Normal or X class).

  • The comfort is as it's time. The aircraft is not handicap-adapted, normal mobility is required to get in and out of the machines.

  • Our aircraft are smaller and have a defined maximum TakeOff Weight, which limits the total weight of all passengers. The pilot will request your weight in kg in advance to be able to calculate mass and balance before flight.

  • We strongly recommend everyday clothing and stable shoes. Oil, lubricant, aviation fuel and on some machines de-icing fluid belong to flying aircraft. We do not take responsibility for any oil stains or the like on clothes, etc.

  • Unfortunately, all filming and photography in flight is not allowed. Firstly, we would violate the "Geographical Information Protection Act" Secondly, our aircraft are built long before the time of the mobile phones, action cameras and selfie sticks which in the worst case can block rudder lines and other control mechanisms and become an acute flight safety risk.

  • ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol and drugs is mandatory for us in aviation!

  • The flights can be canceled even at short notice by the pilot due to weather, technology, or other reasons. The decision to conduct the flight is solely the responsibility of the pilot.

  • The commander (Pilot) has sole right of decision on board according to the Aviation Act. All instructions and decisions are binding and must be followed unconditionally!

  • Fear of flying is not a problem for us - tell us before flight if you are a little (or very) afraid of flying, we will take care of you onboard our machines and take the time needed to make you feel safe before takeoff. A flight next to a skilled pilot with explanations of how an aircraft works and why things happen can actually be a very good cure for fear of flying.

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