Museet har sex simulatorer:
- J 35J Draken från Flygvapnet (J 35:an är för tillfället stängd för översyn)

- JAS 39 Gripen (som även är anpassad för rörelsehindrade gäster)

- Convair 440 Metropolitan från SAS

- McDonnell Douglas DC-10 från Scanair

- Airbus A320 (Håll koll på onlinebokningen vilka söndagar som är bokbara)

- Link-trainer - en klassiker från 1920-talet


Simulatorerna är i första hand avsedda att ge dem som inte har någon tidigare erfarenhet som piloter en realistisk upplevelse av hur det är att spaka ett berömt flygplan och att visa hur arbetet i cockpit går till.


Västerås-företaget TV021 har sammanställt denna lilla film från vår simulatoravdelning:

Piper PA-30

Twin Comanche

"Doctors Air Limousine" of the 60s

PA-30 - Twin Comanche was launched in 1962 by Piper as an attempt to regain market share in the thriving light twin and General Aviation market after Piper's present 2-engine flagship PA-23 - Apache had been outclassed by competitors, such as Beech Dutchess, Baron and Cessna 310.

Engineer Ed Swearingen used the popular and aerodynamically efficient PA-24 (Single) Comanche as a platform and built a highly efficient two-engine machine. The PA-30 proved to be a very successful design well ahead of its time and still beats many modern light twins in performance and efficiency.

However, Piper, known to date for airplanes with extremely forgiving flight characteristics (and lack of performance), never felt really comfortable with this much sharper design that was a clear exception to Piper's other models in terms of performance, efficiency and aerodynamics and then halted the production already 1972 in the midst of the ongoing oil crisis when the factory in Lock Heaven (the same where the legendary Piper CUB is built) was totally destroyed in connection with a flood.

A total of 2142 PA-30s were built and approximately just over 1000 are still flying around the world and are much appreciated by their owners as fast, convenient, economical and stable and supported by an active worldwide owner association:


Below are a number of tour suggestions with fixed prices, but we are open for your own suggestions - then we set the price individually.

The aircraft can take 3 passengers + pilot.

Contact us and we will find a solution.


Please email to:

SE-EOK fotograferad i Lofoten.


Based in Sweden since

Cruise speed

Service ceiling

Max takeoff weight


Capacity: 1 pilot + 2-3 pax

Full IFR including
PBN & De-Ice



184 mph

20000 ft

3724 lbs

1149 miles

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 1

Tour suggestion 1

20-25 min: 2700 SEK
A short introductory flight where you will experience the luxury of the 60's between Romfartuna Church and the Kvicksund Bridge.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 2

Tour suggestion 2

Mariefred and Gripsholm
30 min: 3300 SEK

Experience picturesque Mariefred and Gripsholms Castle from a whole new perspective. During the trip we also pass Strängnäs with the Cathedral and Stallarholmen and Mälsåker Castle and follow the E18 between Västerås and Enköping with the solar cell park.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 3

Tour suggestion 3

Sörmland and Hjälmaren
45 min: 4500 SEK

Count lakes and mansions in Sörmland as fast as never before and experience how close Hjälmaren and Mälaren actually are next to each other.
Hjulsta bridge, Strängnäs, Sparreholm, Malmköping and countless manor houses and churches are passed on this trip.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 4

Tour suggestion 4

Berglagen forest and agricultural landscape
60 min: 5700 SEK

Discover one of Sweden's oldest cultural landscapes where mills and iron works appear one after each other.
View at Sala with the Silver Mine, Avesta, Ludvika, Smedjebacken, Fagersta, Ramnäs, Surahammar, Hallstahammar and the Kvicksund Bridge whick you have never seen like this before.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 5

Tour suggestion 5

The archipelago and Stockholm
approx 70-75 min: 6300 SEK

Enjoy Stockholm's fantastic archipelago in a slightly different way and learn Stockholm's geography again.
As we pass via Bromma, the trip may vary slightly depending on the traffic situation at Bromma airport.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, rutt nr 6

Tour suggestion 6

Siljan, Dalarna, Wind turbines

and lots of forest
90 min: 7500 SEK

Fly to Dalicarlia at almost 186 mph and get a glimpse of Lake Siljan.
View the ski slopes on Kungsberget and try to count all the wind turbines at Gästrike's wind farm.